I’m a Conductor ! And you?

You get your kicks through the successes of other people, helping them work together to deliver something that is greater than the sum of its parts. You can shape how you communicate seamlessly, playing sergeant major or cheerleader depending on what the situation requires, but always while focusing on the best possible end result. UNDERSTANDING Conductors CONVERGE ABSTRACT GROUP MEASURE Key traits: You enjoy making decisions and working towards the end result Your work informs the final design You like to work with others to discuss and refine ideas You like decisions to be based on data or insight Watch out for: Have you fully explored all of the possible options? Have you done enough to help people visualise what you have in mind? Are you giving everyone enough time on their own to think things through? Have you thought about the things that can’t easily be measured? NEIGHBOURS OF CONDUCTORS Similar Types Fortune Teller Team Player Planner Visionary OPPOSITE OF CONDUCTORS Opposites Attract Prototypers While you’re getting organised, they’ll probably be getting on with something. They probably need your help b ut probably won’t admit it! And you?
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Thousands icons bundle

Pack d'icônes gratuit en quatre formats : PSD, AI, Sketch et SVG
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